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Ol' Yeller
Highly Portable Mini Hand-Pull
Bellows Style Puffer
What People Say
about Ol' Yeller:

  "Ol' Yeller is an excellent example of a small cottage industry hand-crafted puffer drywasher."
-Jim Straight

"I’ve studied the Ol' Yeller and it is one of the best handcrafted machines I’ve ever seen, Frank, I do believe you have a winner here."

"You put quality into this drywasher. very nice job."
OL' YELLER is The Compact & Lightweight
Answer for Sampling  by A.T.V’s or  Backpack.
Suitable for the Seasoned Prospector and Novice Alike.

*Fully Self-Contained
*Breaks Down with 2 Thumbscrews
*1+ Gallon Hopper with Hardwood Top Trim
*6 Inch Bellows Stroke
*Adjustable Metal Slide Gate
*3/8 x 3/4 Expanded Metal Grizzly
*All Nyloc Hardware - No Parts to Lose
*1/8" Metal Screen Backing on Riffle Tray
*Braided Nylon Pull Rope w/Handle
*28 1/2” x 12 1/2” x 9 3/4” folded (27 ˝” high set up)
*Weighs 8 Pounds
Every Ol' Yeller is Handcrafted with Pride in
Arizona, U.S.A.
Painstakenly Hand-Crafted with
Quality Hardwoods & Hardware
...and the Love of Prospecting,

Ol Yeller‘s Design is
Based a Time-Proven 1930's Machine
Incorporating New Innovative Ideas.
No Other Machine Compares in


Ol' Yeller Drywashers
($175.99 + S/H*)
*Oversized - We Will Contact You with specific shipping details and fees.
An Affordable Addition
to Your Prospecting Arsenal.

With Reasonable Care,
Will Provide Many Years of Service.
Bunk's Arizona Prospecting Mercantile

($175.99 +S/H*)
*Oversized - We Will Contact You with specific shipping details and fees.
The Ol' Yeller
- Quality Drywasher
"It's All About the Explorin'..." - Staked by Bunk-n-Teri - 2010 - All Rights Reserved

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Ol' Yeller

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